I pay for my policy via monthly Direct Debit, what happens at renewal?

If you have an auto-renewal policy with us, we will renew your policy using the bank details provided at the start of the original policy. We will let you know how much the renewal premium is by letter or email in the month before the original policy expires. The first payment will come out of your account approximately three days after the start date of the new policy. You will receive a new credit agreement to sign shortly after the start date of the policy.

 If you have opted out of auto-renewal, or your account is not suitable for auto-renewal, we will contact you in the month before your renewal to arrange a suitable renewal quote for you. If we can’t reach you, then your policy will not be renewed, and your cover will end on the policy expiry date.

If you would like further assistance, feel free to join us on Live Chat using the Help button located at the bottom right of this page. 
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