Caring for your home in the cold

When severe cold weather strikes, there are a few steps you can take to help reduce the impact that this may have on your home.

Turn up the heating to 14°C
No-one likes a burst pipe. So it’s important to leave your heating running at a minimum of 14°C, especially if you’re going away. This should stop pipes from freezing and potentially bursting.

Check your pipes
Talking of pipes, make sure pipes in unheated areas, like your loft or garage, are insulated too. If you notice any damage or weak spots, get them repaired straight away.

Protect your water tank
Insulate your water tank if it’s in the loft, or anywhere where it might freeze. This’ll prevent it from splitting or cracking which could lead to a leak. Any signs of wear and tear? Get it fixed, pronto.

Check your gutters
Don’t forget your gutters! Check that they’re clear and flowing properly if it’s safe for you to do it. If not, get a professional in.

And remember your car
Get yourself sorted before you travel. Pack for an emergency by keeping these in your car: a torch, map, ice scraper, jump leads, warm clothes, bottle of water, a snow shovel and a warning triangle. And don’t forget to top up with anti-freeze and screen wash before leaving home.

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