Can I cancel my home insurance policy at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time.
All of our home insurance policies have a 14-day cooling-off period from the date that they are purchased. Therefore, if you cancel your home insurance policy within this 14-day window, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.
However, if you cancel outside of the 14-day cooling-off period, you will be subject to a £30 cancellation charge.
The cancellation charge will be deducted from any return premium owed to you. Once this has been deducted, the remaining amount will be refunded. For example, if your return premium is £150, we will take £30 as the cancellation charge - meaning you'll get back £120.
Here at Policy Expert, we value the custom of every policyholder - we would be sorry to see you go!
Our cancellations team will be happy to go through any way we could keep you on board, or assist you with a cancellation request. Their direct number is 0330 0600 631. However, if you would prefer, please do not hesitate to request a call back via email or Live Chat. To start a Live Chat, please just click on the Help_icon__2_.JPG button below.
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