Are my bicycles covered under my home insurance policy?

All of the home insurance policies that we offer, provide a basic level of cover for bicycles kept in your home. The cover limit your policy provides for pedal cycles in the home will be displayed within your documentation.
If your bicycle is stored in an outbuilding, you will also need to be mindful of your policy's cover limit for contents kept in your outbuilding. The level of cover for the contents kept in your outbuildings will vary depending on which policy you have with us, but this will also be displayed in your policy documentation.
If you have a bicycle that is more valuable than the cover limits provided by your policy, or if you wish for your pedal cycle to also be covered away from the home, you will need to specify it on your policy.
Should you need any assistance with accessing your policy documents, specifying a pedal cycle, or if you would like to discuss your policy cover limits further, our team will be more than happy to help. They can be contacted by telephone, email and Live Chat. To start a Live Chat, please just click on the Help_icon__2_.JPGbutton below.
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