How have you calculated my home insurance renewal premium?

Your renewal premium would have been calculated by your insurer, who will have taken into consideration all relevant details such as your area, property type and security.
If we haven't spoken to you, and have simply sent you a renewal invitation for the upcoming year, then this will be based on the information that you originally provided to us.
It is important that you tell us if anything has changed or requires updating on your renewal. Otherwise, the renewal policy we have offered you, may not meet your insurance needs!
Should your premium have increased in price, this could be due to a number of reasons; including changes in the underwriter's pricing criteria, or general inflation. Please be assured that we would have done our best to offer you the most competitive price.
However, our dedicated renewals team will be happy to discuss this with you further. They can be contacted by telephone, email or Live Chat. To start a Live Chat, please just click on the Help_icon__2_.JPGbutton below.
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