Are there any breeds you don't cover?

We're unable to cover your dog, or cat if it's mixed or crossed with any of the following breeds:


Askaray Malaklisi, Alapha Blue Bollod Bulldog, American Bulldog, American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bully Kutta, Bully XL, Calupoh, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Cenral Asian Shepherd Dog, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Ding Dogo Argentino, Dogo Sardesco, Dogue Crasilerio, Fila Crasilerio, Gull Dong, Kangal Shephard Dog, Kombai, Kurdish Mastiff, Presa Canario, Saarloos Wolfdog, Tosa, Japanese Tosa, Volkoson and wolf hybrid. Any dog that must be registered under the Dangerous Dogs Acto 1991, the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 and any further amendments to this act.


Munchkin (also know as weiner Cats) Scottish Fold, a Feral Cat, and breed of wild cat or any cat that you require a Wild Animal Licence to keep.

Pet is the newest insurance product we offer, so we're taking some time to understand what our customers and their pets need from us - this means we might be unable to provide you with a pet insurance quote for now. We're continually expanding this list, so please check us out again in the future.

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