What is Home Emergency cover for and do I have it?

Home Emergency cover insures you for trouble with your boiler or heating system, plumbing, and making sure your home is re-secured if a window, external door or lock is damaged (this does not include wear and tear).

Do I have it?

Customers are given a chance to add Home Emergency cover to their policy when they buy their insurance with us.

If you’re not sure whether you have home emergency cover, you can always check your policy documents by logging on to the customer portal.

What’s included?

At Policy Expert, we offer two levels of home emergency cover – Home Emergency Select and Home Emergency Plus. All customers can upgrade to Home Emergency Plus if they’d like. This extra cover includes help if all or part of your electricity supply fails, or if there is a problem with your gas supply.

If you have Home Emergency Select cover, here’s a breakdown of what is, and isn’t, included:

What it includes:

We’ll pay up to £300 (including VAT) for each claim for emergency work, with a maximum limit of £600 in any 12-month policy

✓ We’ll help if your central heating system or boiler and controls (which form part of the boiler) fail because of a breakdown or leak

✓ We’re on hand if your toilet is blocked or the flushing mechanism won’t work.

✓ We’ll help you if you have a blocked or damaged hot or cold-water pipe inside your home.


Some things aren’t covered, including:

X Your boiler or heating system if it hasn’t been serviced in the last 15 months

X Your boiler if it’s over 15 years old, or has an output of more than 60 kilowatts

X Replacement water tanks, cylinders, radiators, or any outside pipes, taps or toilets

X Help with or cover for your underfloor heating

For more information on what is and isn’t included, you can always check your home emergency product summary documents.

Click here for Home Emergency Select and here for Home Emergency Plus.

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